Winter special: Set the tone right with colourful mufflers and scarves

2021-12-24 09:37:27 By : Ms. Willa Wu

Ahead of Christmas Day, in this winter-special fashion shoot, we try out four looks with mufflers and scarves

It's time again to flaunt all your winter gears. With the city again warming up to soak in all the fun it had missed out on during the raging coronavirus infection, everyone is on a fashion overdrive to showcase all the outfits that were gathering dust in the wardrobes. And the one accessory that really nails the look is the modest muffler or a scarf. Apart from keeping you warm and away from catching a cold, the humble muffler definitely makes for a must-have in your winter wardrobe.

Mufflers emerged in the fashion circuit back in the 16th century and fast became a trending piece of essential accessories over the next two centuries only to fall out of fashion in the 19th century when they started being used to muffle the sound of car engines. Being replaced by the lighter and fancier scarves, mufflers were resurrected soon after and continue to remain in fashion among the young millennials along with the quintessential scarves.

“I personally like statement scarves styled with plain black or beige coats. They can be short bomber jackets, long trench coats or even coats that are tied up in the waist and it all depends upon which coat you are wearing. You can wear black scarves or white ones with graphic details and texts. The ones in thicker fabrics like wool or thick nets are super comfortable during the winters and are quite a statement. In fact, you can wear a scarf or a muffler with just about any and everything,” feels designer Saniya Agarwal, designer and co-founder of the chic label Wal and Wani that have unique scarf-coats on offer.

Agarwal feels that be it scarves or mufflers, neutral shades of beiges and black work best but pastel might also work depending on the outfit one chooses. “If you are wearing monochromes, matching the outfit with a similar scarf or muffler will really make you look elegant but it all depends upon personal style preferences. I like the classic way of carrying it around a chunky jacket. For a long trench coat try a subdued scarf,” she adds.

The square, oblong or rectangular pieces of cloth come in a startling range of fabrics including wool, flax, flannel, tweed, fur, cotton, cashmere, satin and silk come in checks, stripes, monochromes or multi-colours, turning an otherwise boring or plain look into a very vibrant one. You can knot it, add volume to it, let it casually hang loose over your sweaters or layer it up beneath your jackets to make a real fashion statement.

Designer Khushali Kanjee feels winters are all about playing with layers and proportions to make everything look so much chicer. And scarves and mufflers play a significant role in that. "Scarves are one of my most favourite winter accessories. They are timeless and indispensable winter essentials. Mufflers are perfect accessories to complete a winter look. They add a finishing touch to any outfit for me. A muffler can easily lend charm to any ensemble, giving a casual, elegant touch," she tells us.

For the uninitiated, Kanjee feels they can refer to the fashion influencers on social media who are styling them in myriad ways. 

"Since Bottega Veneta introduced their tassel decorated clothes and accessories for their Fall/Winter 21 collection, long tassels seem to have become a fashion accent. They were everywhere, from long coats to knitted tops and dresses. Later, this trend was seen with a more casual approach at Fendi and Balenciaga. Tassels have been all over in tan fur collars to garment edges. Therefore tasselled scarves are everywhere, and everyone is wrapping them around their necks this season," she tells us.  

The skinny scarves of the 2000s have also made a huge comeback, thanks to Dua Lipa. So for those wanting to have a Legally Blonde moment, this is your calling. "Even after being a trend last year, tanned scarves are still going strong this winter, alongside oversized rainbow scarves, which look quite exciting. They can give every outfit that certain je ne sais quoi," adds Khushali

. "I see a lot of tints and shades of violet, and considering the colour of 2022 is Very Peri, I think it's here to stay. It's a warm tone and adds the confidence to highlight a monotone outfit," advises the young designer. 

In this Christmas special shoot, we have tried to create four stunningly colourful yet understated winter looks and played around voluminous mufflers and scarves on supermodels Ankita Singh and Meghna Bose. You can also try wrapping an indigenous handwoven stole or shawl to get that smart look.

Models: Ankita Singh and Meghna Bose / Pictures: Sandeep Sarkar / Hair and Makeup: Abhijit Paul / Styling Poulami Gupta / Mufflers and clothes: Aranya, United Colors of Benetton  / Location courtesy: Cloud Social

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